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Level : Ordinary

Type : Medicine

Location : Xinxiang , Urban

Xinxiang Medical University

Clinical medicine discipline ranks among the top 5‰ of ESI global rankings.

School Introduction

Xinxiang Medical University is located in Xinxiang city, where is at the foot of Taihang Mountain and beside the Yellow River. It is an independent university of western medicine in Henan Province. Its medical education began in 1922 and the university has been in operation since 1950. Totally there are over 28,000 students in the university. School disciplines at XXMU are structured into 7 categories, including medicine, science, engineering, literature, law, management and education, among which the clinical medicine discipline ranks among the top 5‰ of ESI global rankings and is included under China first-class disciplines.

The university is located in Xinxiang, a famous historical and cultural city in central China. Central plains culture is an important source and place of inheritance of Chinese culture. Xinxiang is the center of economy, education and transportation in the north of Henan Province, an important industrial city in the central plains, and also a scenic tourist city. Located in the downtown area, the university is an ideal place for international students to study and live. (学校位置)



Directly Affiliated Hospitals: 5

Covering a land area of:116.3 hectares

Global Top: 5‰ of ESI in clinical medicine

Education Categories: 7 disciplines

Academic Departments: 22 

Bachelor Programs:35

Master Programs: 22

Faculty Members (including 5 clinical colleges): 13718  

Total Students:18000+         

International Students:474

Teaching Bases

Xinxiang Medical University has 5 directly affiliated hospitals, of which 4 are national Grade III A-level hospitals; The school also has 20 non-directly affiliated hospitals and more than 100 teaching practice bases, which can meet the practical teaching needs of students.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

In recent years, many universities from the United States, Britain, Australia, Italy and other countries have visited our university and conducted in-depth discussions on school running. Our university is now cooperating with Bloomfield College in the United States and the University of Turin in Italy for joint doctoral training programs.

Cultural Activities on Campus

The campus has completed sports facilities, including basketball courts, football fields, volleyball courts, badminton court, swimming pools, etc. Every year, there is a campus sports meeting, as well as international cultural exchange festival, Chinese language competition and other cultural activities. Here, you can experience Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Ji, appreciate the beauty of Chinese musical instruments and dance, and feel the culture with Chinese characteristics.

Study in XXMU

The 1st year: Under the guidance of professional Chinese teachers, you will learn and master Chinese language skills, basic knowledge of physics, biology and chemistry, laying a good foundation for your future medical study and life.

The 2nd-5th years: During these four years, you will study a variety of medical theory courses under the guidance of senior professors. Consolidate your knowledge by conducting experiments and learning in advanced laboratories.

The 5th-6th years: You will have probation and internship in our affiliated hospital under the practical guidance of senior frontline medical professors.

Life at XXMU

Xinxiang Medical University is located in the city center with convenient transportation and complete facilities. There are many supermarkets, banks, shopping malls and other service facilities nearby. The dormitories for international students are equipped with a private toilet, 24-hour hot water, desk, wardrobe and Internet interface, as well as a communal kitchen and laundry room. International students can cook in the public kitchen and enjoy a variety of Chinese and foreign food in the dining hall. There are also Korean restaurants, Muslim restaurants, Western fast food and various Chinese restaurants around the campus. You can use many kinds of convenient shared bikes and scooters in campus.

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